JamStack Attachable Guitar Amp Launches For $148 (video)

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JamStack Attachable Guitar Amp Launches For $148 (video)

JamStack Attachable Guitar Amp

Musician’s looking for a portable way to amplify their guitar may be interested in JamStack, being marketed as the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier.

The design of JamStack enables it to be attached in seconds to produce fantastic sound using your smartphone loaded with the companion application to create effects, loops and more.

Whether you’re jamming in the park, practising in your apartment, or showcasing your talent on the sidewalk, the JamStack’s impeccable tone, lightening fast setup time, and unlimited effects mean you’ll be reaching for it every time you get a chance.

The JamStack is the world’s first guitar amplifier to attach to the base of any standard electric guitar. This means you’re up and running in seconds and aren’t bound by cables or power outlets.

By integrating with your smartphone it allows you to access any effect, play along to your favourite songs, perform loops, tune, and much more. No more cables, no more limitations. Play guitar anywhere, with outstanding tone and volume.

For more information on the new JamStack jump over to the Indiegogo website for details by following the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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