How To Program a Dish Network Remote: Using Your Remote with a New Device

How To Program a Dish Network Remote: Using Your Remote with a New Device

Did you only get a brand new device as a TV or Blu-Ray player? What is it with a brand new Dish Network handheld remote control or receiver? If you probably did, then you’ll got to program your Dish Network remote to ensure that it may control that device before you begin channel surfing. The method is a little more involved than you may expect, so let’s review how you can program a couple of Dish Network remote models !

One reason people have trouble attempting to program Dish Network remotes is because there will be lots of different models available, for any collection of different devices. We’re going to attempt to cover the most famous remotes, but when we don’t be able to arrive at yours, We‘ve a suggestion : discover the remote that appears the foremost much like yours, and find out when the instructions are close sufficient to apply. If you only can’t figure it, call up customer service and correctly to steer you through it. Sometimes a step-by-step lesson is simply what you have to determine how the remote works.

Connecting to TVs or Other Devices (Not Receivers)

50.0 and 52.0 Models

Dish Network - 52.0 Remote

Dish 52.0 model

These models are many of the more advanced versions of Disk Network remotes, and tend to labor with modern, more modular menus. Because the 2 processes are so similar, we’re grouping them under a similar group of instructions. However, because the remotes are just a little different, stay patient and ensure that you‘re picking the ideal buttons and on-screen options.

Dish Network - 50.0 Remote

Dish 50.0 Remote model

Step 1:Turn your TV / Device on, and press the Home button upon the remote twice – it’s the house icon inside the upper left corner. This should pop open the Dish menu, with rows of colorful icons to select from. In case your TV stays blank, ensure that your Dish receiver is properly connected towards the TV by using the right ports (this can be a common early problem, and ought to always be the very first thing which you check if something goes wrong ).

Step 2: Inside the Dish menu, look out for a turning gears icon (see below ) to locate Settings. Select Settings, which should bring up another menu that deals with your accessories and controls. Toward the highest you ought to find an icon for the Remote Control. Head over there and choose it next.

Dish Network - Settings

Settings is easy to spot in the menu section.

Step 3: This brings to some screen that lists TV and additional device sections, and when any models happen to be known towards the unit (none probably are, or you wouldn’t do this ). Select the kind of device that you are attempting to produce a permanent connection to.

Step 4 : This‘ll bring up a screen with a couple of different choices for interaction using the device. Keep this screen on your mind because it’s handy for programming extras on smart TVs, except for now you would like to choose the TV Pairing Wizard at the highest in order to make this easy.

Step 5 : Subsequent screen will bring up a listing of brands. Choose your device brand, then choose Next. This‘ll lead one to a testing screen that could ask one to push the Volume and Mute buttons in your remote. The internal system has automatically chosen a pairing code it thinks will work, but it requires you to ensure. The Volume and Mute buttons are easy ways to discover when the remote is interacting using the TV : push them, and you ought to immediately seen volume change / mute effects upon the screen.

Dish Network - Brand Setup

TV brand selection

Step 6:In case you begin to see the Volume effects upon the screen, congratulations ! Your remote is paired. You are able to select Finished and head out of here. In case you don’t see any Volume effects and nothing seems to labor, then choose Try Next Code instead. This‘ll transfer to a special code that the internal system thinks will work using the remote and brand. Try again, and will keep cycling through codes until you discover one which works.

40.0 Model

Dish Network - 40.0 Remote

Dish 40.0 model remote

The 40. 0 remote is just a little weird, because it’s used with two different Dish Network remote programming menus. Here’s the deal : in case your typical Dish channel lineup menu (to browse what’s on TV ) has got the preview and summary to the ideal side from the screen, then go as much as our instructions to the 50. 0 and 52. 0, because they‘re the identical. However, in case your menu screen has got the preview and info at the highest from the screen, the method is similar but a brand new walkthrough is useful. Start here.

Step 1 : Press the Menu button in your control – it’s toward the highest, and says “Menu” right above it, so it’s type of a challenge to miss.

Step 2 : This should bring up a series of icons that you may access to learn more and apps. Again, if the menu doesn’t show up you will want to examine your cable connections and ensure that everything is working correctly. Look out for the icon that says Settings and choose it.

Step 3 : Another series of icons will pop up. Select the one which says Remote Manager. This‘ll bring one to a screen that says “TV Code, ” “DVD Code” and “AUX Code. ” Pick the one which matches the device you‘re establishing, and proceed.

Dish Network - Dish Code Screen

Make sure to choose the right device!

Step 4:

You can examine your manual for any setup code if you would like at this stage, but the internal system will help you find one in case you choose “Lookup Code. ” This choice will require one to another screen where one can choose the make of your device and choose Next.

Step 5 : You‘ll now be asked to test your Volume controls. The Volume buttons will be the plus and minus signs above the “wheel” in your remote. Try them out and ensure that the volume signals upon the TV / device are responding.

Step 6 : When the volume controls do nothing and there’s no sign on any readout, then try another code. While you are able to undergo every code available in your model, we suggest instead which you choose “Enter Model” and enter the precise model of your respective device to pinpoint precisely what you‘ll need. When you discover the ideal code, select Yes and Save. You’re done !

20.0, 20.1, 21.0, and 21.1 Models

Dish Network - Other Remote

Older Dish remote models

All of these are earlier remote controls for Dish Network : they‘ve lots of buttons, however the programming process is thankfully a little easier. Note, however, that these older products might not be as compatible with newer TVs along with other devices. Like other tech, Dish Network devices can age from the market, if you haven’t updated your Dish receiver shortly, it might be time to seem into an upgrade – especially in case you encounter problems trying to work out how you can program Dish Network remotes to TV models which are far newer.

Step 1 : Look your three-digit handheld remote control code. These remotes don’t support an automatic look for handheld remote control codes for whatever device you happen to become using. So your first step ought to be to interrupt the manual and check for the ideal Dish Network remote programming codes for the TV, DVD player, or anything other device that you’re using. Check in the first pages from the manual, or you can’t see it, then Google your model number and “remote control code” because others may have experienced a similar question. If you need to, you are able to always call customer service or look up support upon the Dish website.

Dish - Old Remote Close

Choose the right device button.

Step 2:

Activate the ideal device setup. Look into the four buttons at the same top of your respective remote. You’ll see choices for TV, DVD, and AUX. Choose the choice that describes the device you‘re connecting the foremost accurately, after which hold down that button until all four from the buttons flash.

Step 3 : You ought to now have the ability to go into the three-digit code using the amount pad in the bottom from the remote. But wait ! If you‘re by using the AUX mode, there’s a special extra step : You need to identify which sort of device is connected towards the AUX port. This effectively turns the three number code into your four number code. If you‘re connecting a TV, start having a 0. If you’re connecting a DVD or similar device, get started by 1. If it’s another device, get started by 2. Note that it only applies towards the AUX button. If you‘re establishing another two buttons, stick using the three-digit code.

Step 4 : Once you‘re done inputting numbers, press the pound / hashtag sign. This should cause the button you‘re programming to flash three times.

Step 5 : Test the connection by pressing the ability button. The device you are attempting to link to should turn on or off ! When the Dish remote Isn‘t working, be certain the connections are found out correctly.

Connecting to Receivers

Are you currently attempting to connect a remote for an existing DISH Network receiver and keeping some trouble? There’s a separate setup procedure for connecting to receivers that you’ll got to follow. The excellent news is it’s generally simpler than connecting with other devices. So, let’s again break it down by remote as well as what steps you have to take !

Note : These remotes are made to be paired using the intended DISH Network receiver. They aren’t designed to become paired with DISH receivers which are an excessive amount older or an excessive amount newer. Basically, don’t attempt to pair a remote in one model having a receiver from different model.

52.0 Model

Dish Network - 52.0 Remote

Dish 52.0 model

Step 1 : Check out your receiver. You ought to see an inferior, round button on the ideal side called Sys Info, right from the red reset button. Provides it a press. This should cause the System Info screen to pop up in your TV, but you are able to ignore it in the meantime.

Step 2 : Look upon the side of your respective remote – the very first side button ought to be SAT. Provides it a press, too.

Step 3. Now look into the front, top portion of your respective remote. Right beneath the home button, you ought to discover a button that says Back. Press it too.

Step 4 : Now review your TV. The System Info screen should vanish. If this doesn’t, manually reset the remote and check out again.

50.0 Model

Dish Network - 50.0 Remote

Dish 50.0 Remote model

Excellent news ! This really is just such as the 52. 0 model. The only real difference is, whenever you press the SAT button upon the side from the remote, it ought to respond with three chimes to let you will know that you’re doing the ideal thing (the 52. 0 model doesn’t make any sound ). Otherwise, repeat the steps just as they‘re to the 52. 0.

40.0 Model

Step 1 : Head over within your receiver and look out for a button that says Sys Info. It’s usually upon the right-hand side, although this will vary between receiver models. Once you discover it, press it and await the System Info screen to pop up in your TV so you will know that you’re inside the right mode.

Dish Network - 40.0 Remote

Dish 40.0 model remote

Step 2 : Now attend your remote. Along the highest you ought to see four buttons. The very first one should say SAT : press it down. You ought to hire three growing chimes to let you will know that it step worked.

Step 3 : Look down upon the lower right section of your remote, next towards the selection wheel. You ought to see a button labeled as “Cancel. ” Press it. This should automatically result in the System Info window vanish from the screen. If this stays, probably the connection didn’t work. Attempt to reset your remote and check out again.

Other (Older) Models

Dish Network - Other Remote

Older Dish remote models

This relates to other, older receivers you‘ll have – basically, the silver remotes. This really is unlikely to refer to your circumstances if you don‘t broke your old remote and received a new version. Since it’s probably been a couple of years since you paired the remote, it’s time for any refresher approach do it right.

Step 1 : Press the System Info button. For older receivers, this button is located behind the door upon the receiver front – the panel that pops open. This also needs to bring in the System Info screen in your TV screen.

Step 2 : In your remote, you ought to see four buttons at the same top. Press the SAT button on the same left.

Step 3 : Now look down to the red Record button, which ought to be inside the lower center of your respective remote. Press it next (don’t worry, it won’t start recording anything ).

Step 4 : Upon the System Info screen, the center button should say “Done. ” Select this, and you ought to be finished !

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