How To Connect an Xbox One Headset: Easy Setup for Wired and Wireless Headphones

How To Connect an Xbox One Headset: Easy Setup for Wired and Wireless Headphones

We all know – you only got a brand new Xbox One wireless headset, and you also can’t wait to undertake it. Between you and everything sweet sound is only one thing – the setup process. But using the sort of different wired and wireless headsets in the marketplace, setup isn’t as easy as just plug-and-play ; sometimes it may get pretty complicated.

Fortunately, We‘ve experience in establishing numerous different Xbox One headsets, coming from the simple towards the confounding (and greater than a couple of with little instruction in the least ), so allow us to interrupt it down for you personally. Here’s how you can connect your Xbox One headset, driven by type of headset you’re unboxing !

Setting Up a Wired Headset

Xbox Headset - Xbox One Jack

The 3. 5mm jack in your Xbox One controller accommodates most headsets.

Don’t worry, these headsets typically use your controller like a supply of power and therefore are super easy to plug-in and begin using.

Step 1 : Turn off your Xbox One. This isn’t always required, but it’s usually a very good idea, and it also prevents any unexpected problems.

Step 2 : Check what type of cable connection that the headset has. There will be two basic connection options : the very first is that the classic 3. 5mm jack, and also your controller should have a little port for involving the handles, toward the left. The next option is that the full headset adapter to the controller, which plugs straight into the entire bottom of your respective controller. Note that there‘s some overlap here ! Some headsets come with the own separate Xbox adapters that plug straight into the full port, however end inside a 3. 5mm jack to the headset or another headset of your liking. There’s not much difference, except the larger adapter option is sturdier and provides you some chat / mute options right there upon the controller for faster changes.

Xbox Headsets - Xbox One Adapter

Some headsets come with a full adapter for the controller.

Note : Some headsets have RCA cables or stereo chat options that demand a connection within your console or TV. Those headsets are pretty rare lately (we actually haven’t tried any in years ), but remember that, in some instances you‘ll require a free USB port or RCA connection to obtain the headset to labor.

Step 3 : Plug your headset straight into the controller consistent with its cable, after which try the headset on ! Take this point in order to make any adjustments so the fit is simply right. Take particularly notice of how you can control the volume and in which the mute button is.

Step 4 : Turn in your Xbox One and also the controller. Listen to the startup and menu sounds immediately. Adjust your volume and experiment using the mute button to see how these controls work – and to ensure that you‘re picking up on sound properly.

Step 5 : Start up a game and find out how the headphones sound ! When the headphones don‘t work, regardless of how much you mess using the volume, then We‘ve a crucial suggestion that you can try : navigate to the left sidebar menu inside the Xbox One home screen and head right all the way down to Settings. Once there, look out for Devices & accessories. Head over to controllers, and check to discover when the controller that you will be using could be updated. Controllers need firmware updates too, and also a common reason for headsets to prevent working is really a insufficient updates that cause it to be compatible with a brand new headset, particularly if haven’t updated the controller before.

Step 6 : Try a multiplayer game to ensure that the chat function works. You may also record your own personal voice inside a message, send it to yourself, after which hear it to ensure that the mic is picking your own words, but when have the ear of a couple friends online it’s usually easier to only link with these on the game and test it.

Note : If you‘re wondering how you can connect Xbox 360 headsets to Xbox One…it could be tricky. The Xbox One 3. 5mm controller jack isn’t present upon the 360, which Xbox One headphone jack may limit what older headsets will fit. The excellent news is it’s easier to link a brand new headset to Xbox One now, regardless of where it is available from.

How to Connect a Wireless Headset to Xbox One

Xbox headsets - Headset USB Receiver

Wireless receiver hubs allow headsets to communicate.

Wireless headsets are just a little tricky, since Xbox One lacks true Bluetooth capabilities (no, you can‘t connect a standard Bluetooth headset to Xbox One ) and developers find it too difficult to make wireless headsets for the internal system. Adapters and workarounds have gotten better lately, and there’s hope that Scorpio will alter this trend once the new console appears. In the meantime, here’s the things you have to know.

Having a tether towards the controller

Step 1 : Most current Xbox One compatible wireless headsets require a tether primarily for audio communication – basically, you should have one wireless connection for audio-in, you tethered connection for audio-out. Another option is really a full controller adapter for audio is available in and goes out entirely with the controller, however we don’t see as much of those. So prepare both your tether cable, which is sometimes a 3. 5mm jack, and also your wireless connection, which should become a USB attachment or stick. Turn your Xbox One and controller on.

Step 2 : Connect your USB connection and pair it along with your headset. There should become a pairing command button upon the USB connection as well as wireless headset that enables the 2 to successfully connect. Once again, we suggest which you know exactly where your volume and mute buttons. Start up some audio content and experiment with one of these buttons therefore you understand the sound range of your respective headset and can also have it working. Note that in case have the ear of a full controller adapter, you are able to skip this step and go right to step 3.

Step 3 : Now plug your tethering cable within your Xbox One controller, either inside the 3. 5mm jack or having a full adapter. Ensure that your mic is attached, unmuted, and ready to reach. Test this mic by jumping into your game with friends, or sending a voice message to yourself. Both ways work, your ultimate goal here is to ensure that the Xbox One headset connection is picking your audio with the controller successfully.

Note : Will be your controller running low on batteries? Careful ! Many tethered wireless headsets really don’t enjoy being connected to controllers which are also charging their batteries. If you need to charge, disconnect the headset and switch to some controller having a full battery. Otherwise, you may be inviting audio issues or perhaps disconnections.

Having a base station or adapter (no tether )

Step 1 : Due to the complications involved here, it’s better to check first to discover when the controller needs any updates. Head to Settings, Devices & accessories, after which controllers. Try the Update option to look for just about any available updates.

Step 2 : Ensure that your headset is charged and ready to reach.

Step 3 : Check to discover in case your station or adapter must be updated. In some instances, you should attach the bottom station within your computer via USB and look for any updates. Your headset instructions should let you will know if it is necessary.

Step 4 : Connect the bottom station within your Xbox One. There should become a microUSB cable included for that. It doesn’t make a difference which USB port in your Xbox which you use, but perhaps one of the back ports is perhaps best.

Xbox Headset - Astro Headset Connection

Astro Connections

Step 5 : Connect any additional cables. This isn’t always necessary, but some headsets include optical audio cables for additional sound quality improvements, which is the greatest time in order to make these connections also. Note : If you undertake connect an optical audio cable, then head over to Settings, attend Display & sound, and head over to audio output. Ensure that HDMI audio is off and Optical audio is placed to bitstream out, so everything works properly.

Step 6 : Turn your Xbox One on if required, and pair the wireless headset and also the station / hub. There’s usually a “search” button on either (sometimes it’s the ability button ) that enables them to be able to connect. If everything is working properly, this should start your headphones and you‘ll begin hearing sound. Take just a little time for them to experiment using the volume and muting controls to see how everything works.

Note : Remember that even fully wireless headsets might need tether cables for some things, like voice chat. This varies from headset to headset, so check out instructions for chatting before you decide to throw anything away.

By having an HDMI setup

We’ve seen a couple of HDMI wireless headsets appear, most notably the Tritton Katana headset, which use HDMI capabilities included in their wireless capabilities. These are generally much like the bottom station option, but involve a bit more work to obtain things started.

The steps are largely a similar, but when one thinks of connect cables, have the ear of a USB cable and an HDMI cable. Route your traditional Xbox One HDMI cable straight into the HDMI hub, after which utilize the new HDMI cable to route out and within your TV or receiver. Otherwise, you‘ll neither picture nor sound whenever you try by using the headset.

Note on Xbox One Sound Settings

Xbox Headset - Xbox One Audio Settings

Xbox One audio settings can help you set up your headset.

We all know, nothing’s worse than establishing an excellent new Xbox headset, only to see you can’t hear any audio. So let’s take slightly to speak about some important Xbox One settings along with checking for updates. If something goes wrong and you also can’t determine what needs to be done driven by directions, head to these settings and find out if you want to tweak them while you found out.

  • Audio output : We mentioned this section briefly, but in case you head to Settings after which Display & sound, you could find the audio output section, and that is divided into three parts. The very first is HDMI audio, which may be either off or on. It’s usually fine left on so long as you aren‘t using an optical audio cable, but when sound has suddenly pack up, try toggling this method. The next option is optical audio format, which you ought to try changing in case your optical audio connection isn’t responding. A similar is true of Bitstream format, which should usually be set on Dolby Digital – change it in case your headset isn’t formatted for Dolby Digital sound.
  • Volume : Right from the Audio output section is Volume. There are many sections here, but you would like to pay focus on the very first three. Sound mixer lets you control just simply the amount sound enters the headphones – if volume is absent or really low, your sound mixer might need some adjustment while you‘re establishing. Second is that the chat mixer, which balances sound between chat noise and normal game noise levels. Some headsets even have recommendations on where to line the chat mixer at, but you are able to experiment at will by it to discover what works. Finally, there’s the Party chat output. Some headsets don’t care relating to this setting, but some do : ensure that It‘s set to “headset” while you‘re employing a headset.
  • Kinect chat : If have the ear of a Kinect, to begin with sidebar menu where you want to Settings you ought to see an choice to turn Kinect chat on or off. The Xbox The first is pretty good about automatically turning this on or off, but when the Kinect keeps picking up sound rather than utilizing your mix, you‘ll need to adjust it manually.
  • Party Chat : Your mic may became accidentally muted here. Your physical mute button upon the headset should reverse the matter, however this on-screen option is a simple method to check for issues.
  • NAT Type : This can be a more complicated, but in summary : your Internet connection must be “free” sufficient to connect with many people if you need to voice chat (with some variance from game to game and router to router ). That’s what NAT type is about. You could find this by going to Settings, Network, after which Found out wireless network. Your current net connection is shown here with a little section for NAT. If it‘s set to open or moderate, it ought to be fine. If it’s set to strict, this could possibly be why you can’t chat. Check out ways to change NAT to become open. It helps if the remainder of your respective party has an open or moderate NAT too – but be warned, this does involve some in-depth router work.
  • Privacy & online safety : This really is worth a mention if have the ear of a kid’s account found out for a toddler or sibling. There’s an option here to control how you can “communicate with voice and text” which may be limited to current friends – and it is automatically restricted when the account holder’s age is under 17. To fully speak freely chat options, this must be changed by using the “parent” account.

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