Echo Dot Mount Unveiled From $25 (video)

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Echo Dot Mount Unveiled From $25 (video)

Echo Dot Mount

Since its launch last year the Amazon Echo personal assistant has been hugely popular and is now in competition with the likes of Google Home and others. If you are the proud owner of an Echo Dot you may be interested in a new accessory which has been created by Pando Gear the form of the Echo Dot Mount.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Echo Dot Mount and how it can help you position your personal assistant wherever you may need it.

Pando Gear Explain more about the inspiration behind the Echo Dot Mount which allows you to connect it to any outlet or light switch.

Over the last year, Amazon’s Echo Dot has made its way into millions of homes around the world. It has provided us with sports, weather, and traffic updates, controlled our smart home devices just by listening to our voice, and even shared jokes with us when we needed a laugh.

The Echo Dot is an incredible step forward in artificial intelligence, and it continues to improve with every update. However, after living with and using the Echo Dot, optimal placement became difficult and talking turned into yelling when it couldn’t hear or understand our commands. Our goal was to take this amazing product and make it more user-friendly, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. An idea was born, which eventually led to the creation of the Echo Dot Mount.

Jump over to Kickstarter more details and available pledges which start at $25 for earlybird backers, with shipping expected to take place during November 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

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