Samsung Galaxy S7 takes on the iPhone 6s in a camera shoot-out

Samsung Galaxy S7 takes on the iPhone 6s in a camera shoot-out

Samsung is keen to point out that its Galaxy S7 flagship features an exciting new image sensor, boasting superior low light shots and super-fast auto focusing. But there’s already a great deal of preference when one thinks of smartphone cameras and also the real test is to discover how they perform head to head. YouTuber SuperSaf has been able to grab the handset just a little early and has brought the phone out alongside the Apple iPhone 6S and also the 6S Plus for a faster camera shootout.

For a fast recap of the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes having a 12 megapixel rear camera with Phase Detection autofocus (PDAF ), OIS, an f / 1. 7 aperture, and 1. 4 µm pixels. The iPhone 6s features a 12 megapixel rear camera with f / 2. 2 apertures, PDAF autofocus, and 1. 22µm sized pixels. The iPhone 6s Plus uses a similar camera, but with optical image stabilization added in, to stay a good comparison using the Galaxy S7’s capabilities. All the phones feature 5 megapixel front cameras, but there’s an f / 1. 7 apertures using the Galaxy S7 against an f / 2. 2 apertures using the iPhone.

I highly recommend checking the video to check out the snaps yourself, but here’s the summary. Despite lowering the rear sensor’s resolution, the Galaxy S7 manages to capture some great details when examining 100% crops, and people larger sensor pixels really help the colors pop out compared towards the iPhone 6s. These pixels again enter into play in lower lighting situations, using the Galaxy S7 is displaying notably less noise and producing much brighter images with increased detail. Additionally, there is greater contrast, dynamic range, and even more crisp looking images produced from the Galaxy S7’s front facing camera.

The video also shows off just how impressively fast the Galaxy S7’s dual-pixel autofocus technology, which makes use of each pixel in the image sensor, really is. It‘s become pretty much instantaneous, even in indoor lighting conditions. There’s also another look into the handset’s 720p 240fps slow motion video capture, this point with a pleasant looking water splash.

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