Fender FXA9, CXA1 Pro-IEM Earbuds Unveiled

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Fender FXA9, CXA1 Pro-IEM Earbuds Unveiled

Fender CXA1 Pro-IEM Earbuds

Earlier this month at the Montreaux Jazz Cafe, Orchard Road Fendor has unveiled their latest IEM earbuds in the form of the Fender FXA9 Pro-IEM Earbuds.

Check out the video below to learn more about these new Fender FXA9 Pro In-Ear monitors that offer an impedance as low as 21 ohms, and a sensitivity of 121db lb linW coming through its detachable oxygen-free silver cables.

Fender explains more about the new Fender FXA9 Pro-IEM Earbuds:

Made to our exacting specifications and optimized for our unique housing, the drivers generate distortion-free audio for a first-class listening experience, turning any musical performance into a true special event. Each driver combination is precisely oriented, directing sound for enhanced clarity while coupling directly with the housing for increased sonic conduction – it all adds up to a highly responsive, accurate monitoring system whether for performing, creating or listening.

Fender’s universal in-ear fit – derived by scanning thousands of ears – wears like a custom monitor, providing cushion-like comfort when worn with the patent-pending, secure-fit tips. 3D printing allows us to create precise curves and a more ergonomic shape, more closely fitting the natural contours of the ear for improved comfort and isolation. This technology also enables precise orientation of the custom-designed drivers, eliminating the need for crossover in hybrid driver designs.

Designed and carefully assembled by hand, Fender In-Ear Monitor are finely crafted for performance. As our heritage dictates, making the finest musical instruments and gear, Fender In-Ear Monitors are designed to sound, feel and perform the way Fender artists demand.

Source: Fender

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